June 17, 2021


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2020 Evaluate & 2021 Outlook Anti-Corruption Legal guidelines in Hong Kong

“Reject just about every type of corruption which diverts assets from the poor.”

Pope Francis


With China becoming a signatory to the United Nations Conference Towards Corruption (“UNCAC”), Hong Kong’s dedication to potent anti-corruption procedures is a continuing one. The development of the Impartial Commission From Corruption (“ICAC”) and its potent and tough-acquired popularity thereafter is, after all, a single of the lots of explanations cited guiding Hong Kong’s achievement when compared to other jurisdictions in the region.

While there has not been any important amendment to the local legislation in 2020, the suggestions and anti-corruption methods have been evolving incrementally by way of situation authorities. Hong Kong to this day remains a design for neighbouring Popular Law jurisdiction, most notably, the New South Whales ICAC is recognized to have been modelled just after Hong Kong’s ICAC. The ongoing developments of anti-corruption legislation in Hong Kong, consequently, continues to be a critical contribution to anti-corruption agency apply.

ANTI-CORRUPTION Guidelines Evaluate OF 2020

“Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter may possibly endanger the morals of an specific, the former endangers the morals of the full country”

Kral Kraus

  1. Expanded Scope: The Court docket of Final Attraction (“CFA”) confirmed that “pre-present authorized connection” is NOT expected to be labeled as an “agent” for bribery offences. It is trite legislation that s. 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) (“POBO”) criminalizes corrupt transactions involving brokers in each community and private sectors. As such, one particular of the initial factor that quite a few POBO cases struggles towards is setting up the company necessity.

The CFA in HKSAR v Chu Ang (FACC 6/2019) clarified that an agent can incorporate a human being who has agreed OR been decided on so to act in situations which may give increase to a fair expectation and therefore a obligation to act honestly and in the passions of these kinds of appointee to the exclusion of his or her have passions. Legal relationship is consequently NOT a pre-requisite.

  1. Respectable Benefits for “Fair, Open up & Honest” Elections: On 11 March 2020, the Courtroom of Charm in HKSAR v Cheng Wing Kin FACC 5/2019 [2020] HKCFA 3 clarified the ‘corruptly’ needs underneath s. 7(1) of the Election (Corrupt and Unlawful) Conduct Ordinance, Cap. 554 (“ECICO”). At the coronary heart of the challenge in competition is the differentiation among ‘advantages’ offered with aims of interfering in the integrity of an election vs. positive aspects presented for reputable purposes.

In this specific occasion, in a postscript Summary of Judicial Determination published by the Section of Justice (“DoJ”) in May 2020, the DoJ summarized that the phrase “corruptly” is confined to dealings that have the aim to undermine “fair, open up and honest” elections. As these, rewards with the intention to disrupt opposition (e.g. thinning the votes) was deemed as corrupt act. On the other hand, in accordance to the stated DoJ paper, “advantage” for the particular intent of cultivating “a youthful person for probable candidature in elections”, should really not be criminalized.

  1. Acquittal to the largest anti-corruption probe: In November 2020, the District Court docket acquitted a few previous Convoy executives in one of Hong Kong’s premier anti-corruption probe. The Office of Justice is set to enchantment such conclusions.
  2. Corruption grievances fell to 40 yrs all-time very low in Hong Kong: with enormous shut-downs owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the slowdown of business enterprise functions has been theorized as one of couple of contributing causes for a unexpected drop in corruption issues (for equally non-public and public sectors).

Anti-Corruption Laws Outlook for 2021

  1. Rebound in range of investigations: with the ongoing roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the city as effectively as powerful containment/avoidance steps, business enterprise activities is predicted to encounter a rebound in 2021. A reversal of the 2020 dip is for that reason very likely to be observed.
  2. The Convoy Drama & the Court docket of Attraction: As announced by the ICAC, the drama involving the city’s biggest anti-corruption investigation is headed back to Courtroom as the office files its Observe of Attraction towards the before acquittal.
  3. Query of Scope: Beneath present legislation, the sitting down Main Executive of Hong Kong is immune to sections 3 and 8 of POBO. 2012 noticed the ICAC pushing for a critique to increase the law’s scope. Nevertheless, as the present administration has cited that any adjustments to present regulation is very likely to affect constitutional framework, whilst the subject is below research, alterations is not likely to just take put in 2021.
  4. Countrywide Growth: On a nationwide level, the Central Government has not long ago amended paragraph 1 of Write-up 163 of the Criminal Legislation relating to the legal sanctions of accepting bribes by a non-point out functionary (“Amendments”) with the explained Amendments using impact as of 1 March 2021. While the definition of the offence of accepting bribes by a non-point out functionary remains unchanged, the scope for non-public functions (e.g. members of any organization, enterprise, or other forms of entities) will discover on their own below the Amendment’s auspices.

All in all, the Amendments seeks to impose heavier penalties on the bribe taker for personal events with case legislation developments to occur.


All in all, we see more powerful progress on anti-corruption methods on a countrywide stage this earlier year. The nationwide growth as outlined hereinabove is probably to have a substantial affect as a lot more and much more company practices (in the personal sector in China) will come under scrutiny.

Hong Kong, staying the gateway for the rest of the earth into China, will probably see ripple effect of the Amendments.

This short article is co-authored by Anna Lau of Ravenscroft & Schmierer