September 18, 2021


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City Council Committee Kicks Off Redistricting in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 7, 2021) — The Charlotte City Council’s
Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee is commencing the process identified as redistricting by redrawing City Council district boundaries and balancing the inhabitants of each individual district.
In July,
Mayor Vi Lyles appointed 4 City Council associates to the committee, which include two at-massive and two district users:

The City of Charlotte has also contracted with Charlotte-area regulation agency Parker Poe and land scheduling organization N-Target to guide with lawful, demography and geographic information program products and services all through the redistricting approach.

The committee initial met on Aug. 23 and once more on Tuesday. Its future meeting will be Sept. 20. All committee conferences are readily available to view on the city’s &#13
Facebook and &#13
YouTube channels. &#13

Why is Charlotte Redistricting? &#13

Charlotte is &#13
redistricting as necessary by law immediately after a decennial census when nearby district populace figures have changed substantially. These populace imbalances may go towards the “one human being, one vote” legal principle of ensuring all districts are about the very same sizing in population.

In accordance to the rough, community-stage 2020 census data introduced in August 2021, Charlotte’s total populace of 879,188 divided across 7 City Council districts really should equivalent about 125,298 people for every district. Having said that, district populations are at the moment: &#13

Why is Charlotte Redistricting Now?

The course of action is setting up now since municipalities can only redraw districts soon after a census or an annexation involving a important population improve. Charlotte previous up-to-date its district boundaries soon after the 2010 census. A lot more than ten several years afterwards and primarily based on the most latest census knowledge, the city is faced with populace imbalances amongst the Town Council districts.

What Need to Districts Glimpse Like? &#13

Utilizing criteria that the Metropolis Council considered on June 28 and are knowledgeable by redistricting efforts following the 2000 and 2010 censuses, the Redistricting Advert-Hoc Committee on Tuesday authorized a established of criteria that will be regarded as when redrawing district maps.

The most vital standards for redistricting:

  • Districts ought to have substantially equal populace (“one man or woman, one vote” rule).
  • Districts must be reasonably compact.
  • District boundaries may possibly observe neighborhood boundaries or the boundaries of parts containing citizens sharing similar interests.

Conditions of secondary relevance for redistricting:

  • District boundaries might adhere to precinct boundaries.
  • District boundaries could be drawn thinking of the race of district citizens, as long as race is not the predominant motivating aspect.
  • Districts most most likely to be impacted by upcoming annexations or development prices may perhaps be smaller to decrease impact of upcoming annexations on upcoming redistricting.
  • District boundaries might be drawn to avoid contests in between incumbents.

Committee members voted Tuesday to take out two criteria earlier reviewed relevant to partisan balance:

  • District boundaries could be drawn to develop or maintain agent equilibrium in between major political functions. (This is the only supplemental criterion proposed by the Citizens Advisory Committee on Governance in its &#13
    2020 report.)
  • When achievable, districts ought to have relatively even partisan balance.

Through the committee’s Tuesday assembly, Graham and other committee associates mentioned that based mostly on population figures, it would be practically difficult for the city to attain partisan harmony and the committee should really not established up fake anticipations about reaching it.

Below the remaining permitted conditions and readily available census knowledge, preliminary steering from the city’s consultants, Parker Poe and N-Focus, suggests the town could target on shifting some part of the populations in districts 2, 3 and 4 to districts 1, 5 and 6. Simply because of its place and its size – presently in common compliance with the essential district sizing – District 7 boundaries may well stay unchanged.

How Will Redistricting Impact the City’s Up coming Elections?
The U.S. Census Bureau introduced before this 12 months that the launch of 2020 census knowledge would be delayed from March to August and September. The hold off pushed statewide redistricting initiatives to the fall of 2021. The North Carolina Typical Assembly also passed legislation delaying municipal elections until spring 2022. &#13

Charlotte’s municipal key election will be held March 8, 2022, and the municipal general election will be on April 26, 2022. &#13

Below law, the Charlotte City Council ought to overview census info, undertake revised districts as needed and give people districts to the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections by Nov. 17. If the metropolis meets that deadline, candidates for district Metropolis Council seats can file for business office beginning Dec. 6.

The Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee and Metropolis Council are operating less than the pursuing timeline: &#13

  • Oct. 5: The redistricting committee will obtain public responses and enter on proposed, revised district maps being thought of by the committee.
  • Oct. 18: The Metropolis Council will hold a public hearing on proposed, revised district maps.
  • Nov. 8: The Metropolis Council will vote to undertake revised district maps centered on 2020 census details.
  • Nov. 12: The city will notify the neighborhood board of elections as to irrespective of whether final revised maps will be offered by Nov 17.
  • Nov. 17: The city’s deadline to supply adopted district maps to the board of elections, in accordance with law.

If the metropolis does not provide a redistricting program to the board of elections by Nov. 17, the new deadline for the Town Council to undertake and offer revised districts to the elections board turns into Dec. 17. The opening day for candidates to file then moves to Jan. 3, 2022.

How Will the City Get General public Enter?
General public input is critical in redistricting. Point out legislation mandates that municipalities going through redistricting hold a public listening to following the 2020 census information is unveiled but ahead of revised districts are adopted. The legislation also says municipalities could search for community input in advance of census facts is introduced.

Proposed district maps must be offered on the &#13
city’s web-site ahead of the Oct. 5 general public comment session. Information and facts about how to participate in the general public comment session and more public enter possibilities will be readily available before long.

“One of my ambitions as the committee chair is to be as transparent as probable in conditions of what we do when we do it and why we are executing it,” Graham mentioned at the committee’s 1st assembly.