June 17, 2021


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Condition rests in demo of alleged county courthouse escapee

TEXARKANA, Ark. — The state rested its situation Tuesday night in the trial of a guy who ran from the Miller County Courthouse times just after he was sentenced in 2015 to 20 many years in prison by a Miller County jury.

DaRoyce Eugene Rodgers, 38, was uncovered guilty by a jury of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and sentenced to 20 years in prison at the conclude of a just one-working day trial March 31, 2015. That jury acquitted Rodgers of a rely of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Circuit Judge Brent Haltom advised the jury in advance of opening statements that both equally sides agree all those info are undisputed.

A jury of six men and 6 girls were preferred Monday to determine if Rodgers is responsible of felony escape and two counts of battery involving two courtroom safety officers who have been toppled throughout the melee that ensued when Rodgers fled the courtroom shortly just after sentence was pronounced.

In opening statements, Deputy Prosecuting Jeffery Sams informed the jury that the scenario is about what transpired when sentence was imposed and Rodgers exploited an option to hug his mom.

Sams mentioned that Rodgers knocked above his mom and hurt two court security officers as he fled.

Minor Rock attorney Jordan Tinsley told the jury it was, “not DaRoyce Rodgers’ shining minute in everyday living when he determined to jackrabbit out of the courtroom,” and posed a query to the jury.

“Are they grinding an axe simply because they just you should not like this guy since he produced them glimpse negative?” Tinsley mentioned.

Tinsley’s opening assertion and his questioning of state witnesses point out that he intends to obstacle whether Rodgers was technically in custody when he ran and whether or not the officers were being harmed adequately to satisfy the lawful definition of battery less than Arkansas law.

Beneath questioning by Deputy Prosecuting Lawyer Teresa Severns, Deputy Prosecuting Lawyer David Cotten testified about the activities of March 31, 2015. Cotten stated he was sitting second-chair to Chief Deputy Prosecuting Lawyer Connie Mitchell in Rodgers’ 2015 drug trial.

Cotten reported he does not feel Rodgers hugged his mom following getting sentenced but instead utilised her to leverage himself about the railing that separated courtroom staff members, the jury box, and the defendant from the viewers. Cotten said Rodgers’ mom was knocked to the ground and in the second courtroom security officers had been toppled, as effectively, as Rodgers ran from the courtroom, out of the courthouse and into downtown Texarkana.

Cotten told the jury Rodgers still left behind a one shoe and dropped a Bible as he fled.

Under cross evaluation, Tinsley grilled Cotten about the actual terms employed by the judge after sentencing Rodgers to jail. Tinsley questioned Cotten at size about the legal definition of “custody” and questioned him about irrespective of whether court stability officers are genuinely “law enforcement.”

Carla Jenkins, who serves as administrative assistant to the Miller County judge, testified that she was asked to evaluation movie footage recorded in the hallways of the courthouse on March 31, 2015. Jenkins testified that she was questioned to preserve the footage in which Rodgers appeared working from the 2nd-floor courtroom and out of the developing.

Jenkins reported there was no camera recording in the courtroom.

The recordings showed Rodgers as he sprinted out of the courtroom and headed down a nearby flight of stairs to the 1st ground. A 2nd movie confirmed Rodgers as he swiftly moves down the past couple of actions and onto the very first flooring. Other views showed Rodgers operating earlier citizens on the initially ground, and some others confirmed him fleeing outdoor and out of the watch of exterior cameras.

The previous 3 witnesses to testify for the point out bundled Chief of Court Stability Tom Harness and the two court docket protection officers who ended up allegedly wounded when Rodgers manufactured his hasty exit.

Harness testified that he was escorting jurors and was not in the courtroom when Rodgers jumped the railing but that he did listen to a loud noise and noticed Officer Bobby Lacefield had a bleeding minimize and that Officer Bobby Forte was limping shortly afterward.

Harness stated the officers were not disciplined above the escape but policy did adjust as a final result. Defendants are no longer authorized to embrace family members customers in the courtroom.

Tinsley questioned Harness and the other officers about whether they are “law enforcement.” Harness testified that he and the other officers put on badges, have guns and are effortless to recognize as security even although they don’t dress in uniforms in courtroom.

Below questioning by Sams, Lacefield testified that he was on the inside of the railing, standing next to Rodgers and about to position handcuffs on him when Rodgers’ mother questioned if she could hug her son.

“I walked over to him and said, ‘Stand up.’ I took him by his arm and was heading to put cuffs on him when his mom questioned if she could give him a hug,” Lacefield testified. “It all took place so rapidly. He flat-footed it in excess of the railing and landed on his mama.”

Lacefield stated he managed to get by means of an opening in the railing and get Rodgers’ leg or foot when he tripped and fell to the tile flooring. Lacefield testified that he isn’t sure how the slight reduce on his arm occurred. Lacefield mentioned he did not need professional health care notice.

“I was sore as I do not know what the up coming day,” Lacefield testified.

Forte testified that he was on the outdoors of the railing, around Rodgers’ mom, when Rodgers flew above it, sending his mom to the ground. Forte said he attempted to get Rodgers but was knocked to the tile when Rodgers’ mom fell. Forte stated he somehow “rolled” his ankle for the duration of the commotion.

Circuit Decide Brent Haltom put the jury in an night recess with instructions to return to court Wednesday morning. The jury is expected to hear witnesses from the protection commencing Wednesday early morning. Once the protection has rested, the point out could select to phone rebuttal witnesses. The moment equally sides have rested and closed, Haltom will instruct the jury on the law they have to adhere to all through their deliberations.

Escape is typically punishable in Arkansas by five to 20 a long time in prison. The battery expenses are just about every punishable by up to six a long time. Rodgers is being taken care of as a recurring offender mainly because of prior felony convictions and faces increased punishment ranges if convicted.

If identified responsible of escape, Rodgers faces five to 30 years in jail. If found guilty of battery, he faces up to 12 a long time on each of the two costs.