August 14, 2022


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Ethnic, religious and political profiling is avoidable | The Guardian Nigeria News

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The next quarterly assembly of the Nigeria Inter-spiritual Council (NIREC) held on May 19, 2021 at Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja with the concept: “Ethnic, Spiritual And Political Profiling Is Avoidable.” This topic was picked out because of the incessant assaults and unrest in Nigeria. NIREC is a council jointly owned by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA). NIREC with distinctive committees to help government at all amounts to market peaceful co-existence, safety, unity, wellbeing and the prevalent superior of the Nigerian citizens. Neither Christians nor Muslims can proficiently reconcile the differences and divisions in Nigeria therefore both in the variety of dialogue of social engagements seek to unite and reconcile the religious, ethnic and political pluralism of the country.

I imagine in Nigeria and I am happy to be a Nigerian. Allow us not get trapped in global politics. Some of us are who we are and what we are inside of the room and alternatives available by Nigeria. That things seem to be falling apart now does not indicate that Nigeria will by no means increase all over again. All those who have travelled to other components of Africa may perhaps feel that Nigeria is a residence in spite of the present worries. This theme is picked out to open up a dialogue on the natural beauty of varieties. Discrepancies and commonalities are not peculiar to Nigeria as a nation. Somalia is a person of the nations that experienced a solitary tribe and a single faith. Pupils of entire world historical past would not effortlessly forget Somalia as a unsuccessful Point out when their citizens and leaders commenced to anxiety clans in just the widespread tribe.

I consider in a united Nigeria since I do not believe that the trouble of Nigeria is ethnicity, religion and democracy. I believe that that the difficulty of Nigeria is additional of greed of the few that has place the the greater part into abject penury and hardship. We must not let greedy people and global politicians fragment Nigeria with religion and ethnicity. The previously, we believe that that there is no conflict involving Islam and Christianity in Nigeria the better for every single a person of us and the country at significant. This does not imply that Christians and Muslims do not have conflict. It is this conflict that phone calls for dialogue, conflict avoidance, conflict management and conflict transformation. That a Muslim is President does not imply that the problems of the nation connote an Islamic agenda just as it really should not be interpreted when a Christian is a President, that the woes of the country is a Christian agenda.

What we need to have more currently is a modify of frame of mind and values on the aspect of the citizens if the nation will have to make progress. Even though we pray for fantastic leadership, enable us also pray for psychological re-engineering of the citizens. The problems we have in Nigeria are far more of values and eyesight than the failure of structure. Leaders may perhaps be incompetent in offering safety in a individual routine, this does not indicate that Nigeria lacks credible and able human beings with the ample potential to guide the nation. We have to not make it possible for tribe and faith to be our resource of division and option of political leaders. If we need to struggle, allow us combat for supremacy in ethical values and technological renaissance. If just about every citizen in Nigeria is comfy, secure and satisfied, no one will think of ethnic, spiritual and political profiling.

Our common humanity is a get in touch with to widespread nationality. If we believe that we all arrived from the very same supply — God Who is our typical Creator, we shall be able to avoid ethnic and religious profiling. That we are established human beings with intelligence, soul and spirit means that we will need to uncover unity in our ethnic and religious multiplicity. Listed here, we can also affirm our prevalent Nigerian identification. The Federal Government wants to generate a conducive ecosystem for unity by strengthening the law enforcement and the judiciary. The failure of the police power and judiciary can ruin any nation in phrases of security. If there is justice for each and every citizen, that would go a lengthy way to reduce ethnic and religious profiling. If there is justice, the country would not will need to deploy the military for internal insurrection.

The predicament in the world these days phone calls for media honesty and information management. The media should to source information centered on reality that market widespread wellbeing. Information and facts ought to be a item of ample enquiry and dialogue on the troubles at stake. Conflicting problems contact for dialogue of come across with policy makers. Rushing to the press can lead to adverse reportage and media dishonesty. We have to stay away from working with the media as brain washing machines to manipulate the viewers and listeners. Unfounded resources in media coverage can direct to war since “until the lion learns to create the story will always glorify the hunter.”  This is why the place of work of NIREC has called on the media assistants to the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to be mates, cross test details and do the job as a group to encourage positive reportage and media honesty. We feel that this effort would prevent ethnic, religious and political profiling.

The foot soldiers through any form of insurgency are jobless youths. No person who values everyday living with a excellent work could have weapons of human destruction. To empower the youths, NIREC in collaboration with KAICIID is concerned in an ongoing job titled, “voice of the youth.” The task is targeted at youths in 8 Local Authorities Parts (LGAs) of Kano State metropolis. Townhall meetings are held in each and every of these LGAs with the check out of enlightening the youth on tranquil coexistence, wholesome living and value of dialogue. At the conclusion of it all, their viewpoints would be sought-following on govt guidelines. The closing report would be offered to the state governor, Kano Dwelling of Assembly, Kano Lawyer Basic and the Emir of Kano. It is hoped that this job would advocate for youth welcoming policies in the point out. Just after, Kano State, we hope to transfer to other states. With the inauguration of the distinct committees of NIREC, Christians and Muslims hope to be a lot more included in the worries and problems that would market a united Nigeria in the location of any profiling that could put this good country asunder.

Fr. Omonokhua is the government secretary of the Nigeria Inter-Spiritual Council, NIREC (