December 5, 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions And Things To Know in The Event of a Car Accident

Since the invention of the first car, cars have grown to become a necessity in many parts of the world as they serve as an easy way to transport people and their properties from one place to another. Unfortunately, car accidents come with the package. Most of the time, car accidents occur as a result of one or both of the driver’s inability to follow the rules and regulations that protect road users in that particular state e.g. drunk driving, driving in bad weather conditions, over speeding e.t.c.

Sometimes, if only one of the drivers is responsible for causing a car accident, the other party may decide to seek retribution in form of a car injury lawsuit. The responsible party usually ends up paying a large sum of money as compensation. The amount to be paid as compensation depends on the severity of the victim’s injuries and the extent of the loss of property caused by the accident. 

In case you are involved or injured in a car accident, here are some helpful guidelines to help you navigate the chain of events that are likely to follow.

What’s The First Thing I Should Do if I Have Been Hurt in A Car Accident Caused By Someone Else?

Usually, the first thing to do after suffering injuries as a result of being involved in a car accident is to gather evidence. You can do this yourself by taking pictures of your injuries and the accident scene. However, if you can’t do this for one reason or another, it is best to hire a car accident attorney. It is important to note that the location of the accident is a big decider in what kind of attorney you can hire. For instance, if the accident occurs in Washington, you need injury lawyers in Washington DC. It’s a lot easier for car accident attorneys to try a case that occurs in their own jurisdiction. 

In addition, you can also gather evidence by collecting the contact information of the people who witnessed the car accident. This may well prove helpful if the case proceeds to a trial.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you’ve been in a car accident, chances are you also suffered a few injuries that will need medical treatment. Payment for all medical fees will be assigned to you regardless of the cause of your accident. 

However, if you suffered these injuries as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be able to get a sizable financial compensation for your troubles. And yes, that includes the medical bills. In order for that to happen, you’ll need to hire a car accident attorney to establish the other party’s negligence and negotiate an appropriate amount for the compensation fee. 

My car was Totalled And My Insurance Company is Not Offering Enough For a New One, What Should I do?

If this happens, it may be because you use a market that is different from the one your insurance company uses. The most important resource to have in this case is knowledge. The knowledge of the market price that your insurance company follows will come in handy. Therefore, even before you purchase your car, you need to research the different market prices that are available and how this might affect you in case you’re involved in an accident.