June 17, 2021


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Hard decision in Arizona defamation go well with

A federal court docket in Arizona recently uncovered itself at the intersection of libel law and privateness.  It wound up producing a difficult get in touch with by permitting a libel plaintiff to retain considerably of her past sexual record personal.

The scenario requires the singer Brian McKnight.  His estranged daughter Briana McKnight statements Brian posted a online video on his social media accounts in August 2019 in which he falsely accused Briana of “having sex” with “an more mature cousin” when she was a minimal.  Briana sued for defamation, arguing in element that his statement was libel for every se, in that he accused her of unchastity.  Typically, an allegation of a woman’s unchastity constitutes libel per se.  With libel for every se, a jury may well suppose the plaintiff’s popularity was harmed by the quite nature of the allegation.