May 22, 2022


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<strong>How Will Your Compensation Be Calculated In a Personal Injury Claim?</strong>

How Will Your Compensation Be Calculated In a Personal Injury Claim?

For anyone who makes a compensation claim after they have been injured in an accident which wasn’t their fault, it is important to have a general idea as to how much compensation they can expect. This is something which tour accident lawyer will be able to help you with, and today we are going to take a look at the factors which go into calculating the claim. Compensation for personal injury can range from the thousands of dollars to the millions, depending on the following information. 

Location of The Injury

The first place to start is considering where exactly you have been injured. This may sound somewhat crass but there has to be some kind of metric to calculate compensation, so the location of the injury will be broken down by value. For example the head is considered more valuable than the hand here, because of the impact which it has on your life. If there are multiple injuries then all of these will of course be factored into the claim. 

Severity of the Injury 

What is so much more important than the location of the injury however is the severity of the injury which you have sustained. For example we have just mentioned that the hand is considered as more valuable than the head, but not if the hand injury is more severe than the head injury. If you have been injured so severely that you cannot move your hand at all, this is of course going to be much more valuable than if you have a scratch or even a deep cut on your head. Your legal team will use medical experts who will sign statements detailing exactly how severe the injury is considered, based on their experience and knowledge. 

Additional Factors 

The severity and the location of the injury are not the only metrics which are considered when it comes to how much a compensation claim is worth. There are also additional factors which have to be taken into consideration. Mainly what we are talking about here is the impact which the pain and suffering has had on the victim’s life. Many people suffer from anxiety issues after this kind of event and they can in fact have emotional or mental damage which lasts a lifetime. This may not be a visible injury but it is just as important and this has to be factored into the decision. And finally we cannot ignore the cost which the injury has had to endure, in terms of lost income, medical bills and any other amounts which they have had to pay out for. The goal of compensation is to make sure that the victim doesn’t suffer financial hardship, so this has to be taken into account. 

This is more or less the factors which will go into how your compensation amount is eventually calculated. Your legal team will decide on an amount which they will then use to start the negotiations with the insurance company, in the interest of reaching a settlement.