August 12, 2022


Let'S Talk Law

Justice Ministry Center Offers Legal Aid for Family Law Cases

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on Wednesday said that it has established a new legal center that will provide the public with free legal advice for cases involving domestic and family issues.

In this report, TOLOnews’ reporter Tamim Hamid interviewed a man who was separated from his wife and children because of a “small verbal fight.” The man claimed that his wife told his children that their father was dead and then she fled the country.

“I got married to my wife after a period of friendship, however, her family was against our marriage, but we were together for six years, my daughter is 4 years old and my son is two and half years old, but our arguments started, my wife wanted us to migrate abroad, but I was not prepared to sacrifice my family, job and other programs that I had inside Afghanistan,” said Amir.

“There was a small verbal fight, but they portrayed it as a big one because they wanted me to wander from this court to that court,” added Amir.

Sudaba Tajali is one of the legal advisers in the new legal center who intends to support people facing issues such as Amir.

“Those people in remote regions can consult the center, here their problems will be resolved,” said Sudabah.

“A lot of questions are asked here, for instance, someone comes and says ‘I got divorced from my husband, I have two children, what will their future be?’ said Fazel Azim, an employee of the legal center.

The center began operating three months ago. Visitors can make appointments through a 188 phone number. Five people are currently enrolled in the new center to meet with visitors.

“Our employees are trying to help with the issues by giving legal advice and offering mediation for the people without going to the legal and judicial institutions,” said Aman Riazat, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice.

Since its establishment, the center has helped 80 people with complaints and legal issues.