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Korea outbound investment decision tutorial: Overview of arbitration and dispute resolution in Taiwan

At to start with blush, the mechanisms in position for dispute resolution in Taiwan – which includes arbitration, mediation and litigation – are not so distinct from all those in position in other civil law jurisdictions. Having said that, some methods in Taiwan do deviate, so regional nuances should really be noted and considered. To support newcomers to accomplishing organization in or with Taiwan, this article highlights a variety of important troubles to continue to keep in intellect, and probably deal with contractually beforehand.

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NY Conference-helpful

Taiwan is not a contracting occasion to the New York Convention, even though it is considered to be a New York Convention-pleasant jurisdiction. That indicates Taiwan courts recognise and enforce arbitral awards issued by arbitral tribunals seated in New York Convention jurisdictions. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain which jurisdictions will implement an award issued by an arbitral tribunal seated in Taiwan.

In phrases of domestic arbitration establishments, there are at minimum 3 in Taiwan. Among them, the Chinese Arbitration Association (CAA) is normally best acknowledged for administering conditions involving non-Taiwanese events.


Arbitration proceedings in Taiwan typically mirror the courtroom proceedings. Even so, the CAA is pushing for a range of innovative procedures to be adopted in Taiwan-seated arbitrations, these types of as fully adopting the UN Commission on Global Trade Legislation (UNCITRAL) Product Law on Worldwide Commercial Arbitration, which aims to harmonise countrywide arbitration guidelines around the globe.

Arbitration features

Among the neighborhood procedures, concerned international events ought to choose notice of the next, which are distinctive to Taiwan arbitration proceedings:

9-thirty day period limitation. Except events supply composed consent, arbitration proceedings should conclude inside nine months. This time period consists of the statutory provision of 6 months for arbitral proceedings and an added three months extension that a tribunal may perhaps grant at their discretion. This discretion can be exercised on its possess motion, or at the request of the functions. The time limitation commences to toll as shortly as the arbitral tribunal is totally constituted. Consent to likely beyond nine months may perhaps be offered right before or all through the proceedings, nevertheless, in observe, it is frequently only offered just after the arbitration has commenced. In conditions the place consent is not provided, the arbitral tribunal’s mandate will expire right after the nine months has elapsed. The dispute will then be referred to the courts for closing resolution, as demanded by legislation. If the dispute consists of complexities, this 9-thirty day period interval will normally be inadequate. If attainable, it is advisable to offer such consent by using the arbitration settlement.

No case management conference and no procedural timetable planned. Arbitral tribunals do not often keep scenario administration conferences to concur on phrases of reference or the problems in dispute, nor to difficulty procedural timetables or terms of reference. As a final result, it is not unheard of for counsel to increase additional difficulties that deviate from those raised in preliminary pleadings. This practice may well obtain events working with new problems just times just before the listening to. To greater ensure proceedings will be streamlined and problems in dispute identified early in the proceedings or not growing at a afterwards phase, events should look at such as provisions in their arbitration agreements that need the tribunal to maintain a situation administration conference and concern a procedural timetable before long immediately after currently being constituted.

Social gathering-appointed authorities and cross-examination are not chosen. Identical to court proceedings in Taiwan, many arbitral tribunals like to appoint expert witnesses right alternatively than permitting parties to appoint their very own. This observe eradicates contradictory pro views from being introduced for the duration of proceedings. It can reduce the total of time desired to draft pleading files, and to prepare for and perform hearings, as it eliminates the require for counsel to put together pro witness statements, stories or testimony, or put together difficulties to the opinions of the other parties’ authorities through cross-examination, and many others. To be certain the independence of the tribunal-appointed pro opinion, it is advisable to ask for conflict-of-desire disclosures before the appointment, as several students who are generally favoured by tribunals as authorities are also the house owners of tasks funded by the non-public sector.

Greatly affected by traditional Chinese lifestyle, dispute and confrontation is considered negatively and viewed as peace-breaking conduct in Taiwan. Hence, judges and arbitrators normally consider to mediate disputes at different phases of proceedings. Authorities companies often set up mechanisms at unique concentrations to mediate diverse styles of issues, to solve, for occasion, work disputes or govt procurement disputes.

Most mediations are conducted applying neighborhood mediation types. Hence, it is instructed that get-togethers show in their dispute resolution clauses that mediation be executed by unique policies. There is no unified code to govern mediation proceedings in Taiwan, and communications in mediation proceedings are not regarded privileged or private. Some effects of mediation proceedings can be enforced, right after court docket acceptance, but not all.

There is no keep track of record of intricate professional disputes reaching a settlement by means of mediation proceedings except the get-togethers are innovative and engage expert mediators to carry out the course of action.

Japan & Germany’s affect

The judicial procedure in Taiwan has been greatly affected by Japan and Germany’s authorized devices and jurisprudence. It is preferred for regulation students to analyze and obtain doctorate degrees in Japan or Germany before turning into regulation university professors in Taiwan.

Both equally procedural and substantive laws in Taiwan undertake the wording and rationale of Japanese and German legal guidelines, whilst the authorities is steadily trying to adopt influences from the jury technique and enable some civilians be part of the tribunal to play a point-finder function.

Court method

Taiwan’s court technique is divided into felony, civil and administrative courts. The criminal courtroom and civil court docket share the same courthouse. For administrative authorized disputes or disputes from the govt, there are 3 amounts of courts. Like many other jurisdictions, judges in Taiwan function underneath the presumption that government organizations act in the public’s interest.

Non-Taiwanese functions may well be stunned to understand how effortlessly they may be implicated in legal proceedings. In the author’s encounter, felony conditions have been brought versus non-Taiwanese actors for functions ranging from the a lot less obvious (this sort of as auto mishaps) to the sudden (such as a fund supervisor staying billed with violating Taiwan’s Stability Trade Act for participating in a substantial quantity of buying and selling), to the blatantly obvious (unlawful drug transportation).

Role of precedent

As an adherent of the civil law custom, there is no official binding authority to judicial conclusions in subsequent instances handled by the same court, or its inferior courts. Thus, the doctrine of stare decisis (standing by precedent) is not adopted. Even so, equivalent to other civil regulation jurisdictions, precedent does have a de facto binding power.

The judiciary

Comparable to Japan, judges have different qualification paths than legal professionals or personal practitioners. In contrast to prevalent law jurisdictions, where by most judges are distinguished practitioners of law prior to getting appointed, Taiwan has a career judiciary. Legislation graduates may perhaps enter the judiciary though they are in their twenties and get the job done their way up to the Supreme Court. Lateral entry into the judiciary at any amount is uncommon.

The judiciary is an special group with a uniform history of realistic instruction and perform knowledge. Most associates are modern graduates from regulation departments who have passed the annual distinctive assessment for judicial officers. To turn out to be a choose, you have to go a nationwide judicial evaluation and comprehensive a coaching programme, which features interning in diverse courts.

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