August 9, 2022


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Lawyer-turned-prosecutor: Penal legislation can be an possibility for massive law firms

The job conclusion to go into prosecution service does not want to be closing, suggests Distinctive Prosecutor Daniel Lipšic.

In the US, we were properly trained by dealing with distinct situations, recalls Particular Prosecutor Daniel Lipšic of his reports at Harvard College. The profession choice to go into prosecution assistance does not need to have to be ultimate, thinks the exclusive prosecutor who took up the submit in February 2021, right up until when he served as an legal professional.

You analyzed at Harvard Regulation School. What are the rewards of studying law overseas in contrast to researching it in Slovakia?

I are unable to assess it with the level and style of instruction at law schools these days, simply because I taught a prolonged, lengthy time in the past. In my time as a pupil, studying rules, judicature, doctrine and theses by heart was highlighted, though there was fewer target on the lawyers’ capacity to implement the law to concrete scenarios. When I studied overseas, we would not acquire assessments, but rather resolve circumstance studies, normally extremely complex kinds. The vital factor was for the pupil to exhibit their capacity to logically use the regulation. That was the major big difference back again then.

Do you contemplate research in the US an extra benefit in practising law in Slovakia specified the differences in the countries’ authorized methods?

In Slovakia, the differences between the two main legal methods, continental compared to Anglo-American, is often stressed when instructing law. The change is not as massive in new decades, nevertheless. Prevalent law is essentially just civil legislation, and all other lawful sectors are codified, like constitutional or penal legislation. There are dissimilarities, but not spectacular types. I feel that whoever learns to use law in one particular country can study to utilize law in yet another place with a unique authorized method in a relatively acceptable time.

Which capabilities and characteristics did you worth in pupils and graduates the most when you served as an attorney and labored with young lawyers?