June 17, 2021


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The European Union and World-wide Politics – Carnegie Europe

This new coursebook situates the European Union in a significantly improved environment get. Resisting a extra common focus on the EU’s sui generis policies and instruments, this modern new text demonstrates how really hard the union must work nowadays to keep its global influence. Using into account the most up-to-date empirical developments, including the unfold of war and violence in the East with Ukraine and the ongoing turbulent politics of the Center East and North Africa, the ebook stresses how the EU has been forced to act in different ways. The book adopts a exclusive outdoors-in conceptual framework that inverts the way that the EU exterior motion is examined and recognized. It unpacks the various international problems the EU has faced in modern many years, which include the weakening of world-wide purchase, the need to have for extra protective stability, geoeconomic competitors, weather adjust, and conflicts to its east and south. In every single case the e book examines how the EU has responded and how its main global identification has improved as a final result, evaluating no matter if the union nonetheless retains strong worldwide influence.

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