May 22, 2022


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Using The Search Engine To Find Great Legal Support 

Using The Search Engine To Find Great Legal Support 

Over 70% of all clients who use law firms for personal injure claims start off online, using a search engine. This is the world in which we live and it makes sense for clients to follow this approach, so that they can find the best fit for them. Naturally this will begin with a search for ‘personal injury attorney near me’ but beyond that there is a lot of information which you can find online that will help you to best decide on which lawyer to use. 

If you are searching for a lawyer in this way, this is how you should look to go about doing so. 

Search Engine List 

It is always important that you look beyond the first page when you are searching for something on the search engine. Strictly speaking those on the first page are what the search engine has decided will be the best options for you based on a sophisticated algorithm, but looking beyond really does open up your options. Make sure that at the very least you check out the second and third pages of the search engine results. 

Checking The Site 

Once you have found the list of attorneys which are in your area, start taking a look at some of their sites. What you should be paying attention to here are the quality of the site design, the services which they offer and any specialist areas of the law which they may focus on. 

Checking Out Reviews 

Next up you need to make sure that you are paying attention to the reviews which have been left online by other clients who have used these law firms. Whilst many law firms will have testimonials on their website, these cannot always be trusted. This is not to say that the testimonials are a lie, but rather that they focus only on the positives and they may be somewhat embellished. The best place to read the reviews is on the search engine, as this will give you a broader spectrum of opinions from which you can base your own views. 

Arranging Meetings 

The goal of using the search engine to find law firms is that you create a list of 2 or 3 which you then meet with. Ultimately you cannot make a decision like this based on what you find on the search engine alone, which is exactly why you will need to organize these meetings. In doing so you will have a chance to meet with the lawyers in person, explain your case and then see how they make you feel. Coming out of a meeting with a lawyer you should feel that they are empathetic, that they understand where you are coming from and that they have instill confidence in you that they are going to be able to deliver on your behalf. 

These are the things to consider when it comes to finding a great legal team using the web.