June 17, 2021


Let'S Talk Law

Wauwatosa will rethink Dan Zierath’s program for Mexican cafe

Hermanas could have a next life. 

The Wauwatosa Popular Council, which denied an application in March for the Mexican restaurant at 11320 W. Bluemound Highway, now have to pass a separate resolution stating why it denied the cafe. 

A the latest modify in state legislation requires the council to “move a resolution which specifically states, on the document, the sizeable evidence supporting its motives for denial of the conditional use allow,” according to town attorney Alan Kesner. 

But first, the council will meet up with to reconsider its denial. 

On March 16, the council voted, 13-3, to deny the software for Hermanas, which was set to be opened by Dan Zierath and his daughters Gabbi and Betsi. Some council associates expressed problems about the availability of parking at the website and the ailment of a fence that separates the cafe from neighbors.