August 12, 2022


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Who Takes Responsibility After A Dog Bite Incident? Important Steps To Take

Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’. As the name implies, millions of households in the United States own one dog or multiple dogs. While dogs make fantastic companions and loyal pets, they are also strong animals that can bite, attack, injure or even kill people when provoked or even without provocation.

Sometimes, the culprits may be stray dogs. In May 2021, A McCracken County man was in a case that involved more than 100 neglected animals, with 65 to 70 being dogs.

Whether minor or life-threatening, the bite scars from a dog attack can be both physical and psychological. In that pain, trauma and possible confusion, many people often wonder about the next steps to take.

Get Medical Help

Although the severity of the injury depends on the type of help to get, it’s essential to get medical attention as quickly as possible, no matter the severity. It may just be a bruise, or it may be as severe as broken arms or bleeding out; however, the affected person or a caretaker should call 911 immediately.

Getting the contact information of the dog owner

While you may want to wait for the law enforcement agents to come and identify the dog owner, it’s necessary to start asking questions before they get there. If it’s a stray dog or a dog at large or the dog owner isn’t available at the moment, you can report the incident to the local animal control centre, and they can track the owner and get the necessary information.

Getting Details to Aid Your Compensation

In addition to the million things that may be running through your mind, the compensation you can get – if any, may be on that list. If you’re in Detroit, there are knowledgeable Detroit dog bite lawyers that can help you in that situation. However, getting the adequate contact information of the dog’s owner will increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. Since you can’t sue the dog, a lawyer will not be able to do anything without the contact information of the dog’s owner.

Get evidence of your injuries – through pictures/videos

Although the primary concern should be getting medical treatment, pictures/videos that show each period (after bites, during treatment and after treatments) will come in handy for documentation – especially when the bite caused bodily harm. 

Follow your doctor’s orders

Following the doctor’s orders religiously allows you to stir away from complications that may come up and can not be defendable in court. If the doctor recommends a particular medication and the victim neglects, whatever health implications or complications that that negligence results into will be difficult to defend or be covered by insurance as they were avoidable. 

Get a Dog Bite Lawyer

The statute concerning animal liability isn’t straightforward. The lawyer needs to know every crucial step and needs to have all the necessary documentation. Their job is to use the information, documentation and facts gathered to build a case that will eventually get the compensation needed. 

A dog bite victim who wants to get justice must consider what can be done legally and what isn’t possible. The perfect justice story will always be dependent on what is available to build a case.