May 22, 2022


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<strong>Why We are Seeing An Increase In Trucking Accidents </strong>

Why We are Seeing An Increase In Trucking Accidents 

Trucking accidents are by far the most deadly types of accidents which we see on our roads. In fact whilst they only make up around 12% of all road accidents, they are accountable for more than 35% of all fatalities on our roads, not to mention the serious injuries which they cause. What is most worrying then, is that we are seeing a rise in the number of truck accidents which happen on our roads. Speaking to a truck accident lawyer friend recently, it is clear that there are a number of reasons why accidents are caused, and she also had some idea as to why we are seeing a rise in this kind of road accident.

Increased Volume

There is no doubt that one of the contributory factors of the rise in truck accidents is the increased number of trucks which we have on our roads. In the last ten years this has risen by more than 15%, and currently around 86% of all domestic freight is transported by trucks. This of course is in response to the rise in interest shopping, which sees more products on our roads than ever before. 

Inexperienced Drivers

Prior to the rise in trucking volume on the roads there was something of a driver shortage as many young men and women decided that this was not an attractive career choice for them. This issue has worsened since the rise in the volume of trucks on the road, and there are many inexperienced drivers on our roads. Much of this is because the shipping companies haven’t invested the correct time on making sure that these drivers are well trained before they are put behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Delivery Demands

Internet shopping is not only responsible for the rise in the number of trucks on our roads, the culture around fast shipping has also been cited as a reason why more accidents are happening. These demands have resulted in more speeding and drivers breaking the law around the number of hours which they are allowed to work. There is no doubt that both of these factors, being overworked and being in a rush, are common causes of accidents. 

Old Trucks 

Trucking companies are still using trucks which have been on the road for too many years, and often they have not been well maintained during their lifespan. This is a certain recipe for causing accidents on our roads, and it is something which more companies need to address. Of course given the growing demand, trucking companies simply cannot find the time or the personnel to deal with these older trucks, or invest in new ones. Older trucks have a variety of issues which can easily see them cause accidents on our roads. 

This is why we are seeing a rise in trucking accidents and why the government is looking to do all that it can to change this trend.